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Arizonans are advancing
life changing and life saving innovations
along the path from discovery to development to delivery.

Advancing Discoveries

People who need solutions to their health challenges are waiting for us to find answers.

Researchers across Arizona are looking at new ways to create these health solutions every day. When they discover one that shows promise, funding is needed to perform the feasibility studies and proof-of-concept work that may prove that this discovery can be developed into something more.

Advancing Development

Early stages of development can be some of the most challenging.

Some call this stage, “the valley of death.” As a new product or service begins the development process, early stage funding is essential. But if investors view the young company as “too risky”, many investors will shy away making funding hard to find. Without it, development slows or stops altogether.

Advancing Innovation

Bridging the “Valley of Death” can help move life changing innovations forward

Leaders in Arizona are working together to raise a Two Hundred Million Dollar Endowment and a Fifty Million Dollar Current Use Fund that will  support the creation of Arizona companies that will deliver lifesaving and life changing innovations today and in the future.

Advancing Opportunities

We’re building a solution that provides a triple benefit.

For the people around us

A solution that supports the development of innovations that can diagnose a disease early when we have the best chance of treating it successfully or to provide treatment options that may slow or stop a disease, and, in some cases, a way to prevent it all together.

For our economy

The benefits include a better way for Arizona to attract, create, and grow life science and health technology companies that offer high quality jobs across a broad range of disciplines and skill sets.

For our nation

The potential to help slow the rising costs of delivering healthcare to a growing, and aging population as these new tests, treatments, and cures, improve the standard of care while making life better.

Innovation & Impact

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