Who we are

Who we are

Arizonans are on a quest to solve our world's greatest health challenges.

AZAdvances will help them succeed.

Our Mission

The mission of AZAdvances is to support the creation and
commercialization of Arizona-based health innovations.

We  are  working to create a sustainable solution to address the need for early-stage life science funding for researchers and companies in Arizona and developing the programs they need to succeed.

Our work to advance health innovation and support life science innovators is possible thanks to community donations and our collaboration with the  Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio).

Our Approach

Arizona life science innovators are working to discover and develop new life-saving and life-changing products and services each day.

The lack of Arizona-based funding for early-stage life science companies can slow or stop these incredible innovations from benefiting Arizonans.

AZAdvances was created by OTEF and AZBio to specifically address this need.


The AZAdvances Today Fund™  supports programs that support Arizona-based life science innovators while the AZAdvances Legacy Endowment™ will grow the core capital over time so that as the need for future funding grows, so does our capacity to meet it.

AZAdvances Programs:

  • AZAdvances Talent develops our future workforce with internships, mentoring, and scholarship opportunities. 
  • Entrepreneurial Support that helps health innovators build strong companies and make valuable connections.
  • Mission Related Investments that are designed to support early stage companies achieve milestones that make them more investable. 


AZAdvances is a division of the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation (OTEF). An Arizona-based 501c3 public charity, OTEF was established in 2005 to provide entrepreneurial education, mentoring and support to individuals and organizations based in Arizona.  EIN: 20-3779020   To learn more about us, click the Candid. icon to access our GuideStar profile.

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