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Triumph is on the move! Visit him at Scottsdale Fashion Square in February & March 2023!
The Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation and AZAdvances are pleased to sponsor The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Stallion Stampede and introduce you to Triumph. We invite you to come back often and follow his journey.

Triumph Arrives with His Herd

November 30, 2022

These fiberglass stallion statutes will be painted by local artists and leased to businesses and/or individuals to be displayed at a place of their choosing from  January 2023 through early April 2023. 

The Stallions will then be sold at the Stallion Stampede Gala Auction on April 15th at Royal Arabians.

100% of all proceeds will benefit our community!   Rotary Club of Scottsdale Foundation will keep 50% of the proceeds to benefit their scholarship programs.  The remaining 50% of the proceeds from the of our horse, Triumph, will go to the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation to further the AZAdvances mission.


Triumph’s first stop 

Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

December 1, 2022

Triumph’s first stop is Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West where he will be transformed by Nichole from a blank canvas to a beautiful  stallion rearing in triumph. 

Nichole and Triumph will be at the museum until December 15th. Stop in if you can!

AZAdvances mission is to support the creation and commercialization of Arizona-based health innovations.  When our innovators succeed at creating treatments and cures that make life better, it is a triumph.  That’s how our horse got his name.

Meet the Artist

The amazingly talented Nichole Laizure is creating Triumph.

Nichole Laizure is an artist with a studio in Paradise Valley, AZ. Her grandfather, who was a painter, inspired her to pick up the brush when she was young. Because of his influence and guidance, she knew art was what she wanted to pursue as a career. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Nichole’s paintings are designed to capture a moment in time where the viewer can stop and translate what they want from it.  We know that Triumph is in really good hands! 

Thank you to Nichole Laizure of Nichole Laizure Fine Art for working with us to bring Triumph to life!


Creating Triumph

December 19, 2022

Where to begin?  Triumph’s creation began with a goal to incorporate the colors of Arizona, the spirit of its people,  and the exhilaration of striving for a goal… and achieving it.

AZAdvances was created to move health innovations forward faster, so Triumph’s design  incorporates that feeling of forward movement and speed. 

Nichole Laizure worked her magic to turn his white form into a majestic stallion in his truest form.  You can feel his energy and almost hear him nicker for your attention.

Triumph’s ribbon is fashioned in beautiful Arizona turquoise and  embodies he AZAdvances goal of helping Arizona health innovators create the cures that people are waiting for. 

At the end of the race,  he will rise in celebration with the ribbon streaming behind him. 

Meet Triumph!

It's magical when little girls meet Triumph

See Triumph and his herd at Scottsdale Fashion Square

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Stallion Stampede is on the move!

As you make your way along the Luxury Wing of Scottsdale Fashion Square, look for the horses of the Stallion Stampede!

Triumph and his herd are on display and would love to meet you!

You will find him rising up in front of Dior and across from Neimen Marcus.

Artist Nichole Laizure made a point of stopping by to visit her creation and give Triumph a friendly pat.

Triumph will be making his way around Scottsdale between now and April when he and his herd will be auctioned off to fund worthy causes here in Arizona. 

Stay Tuned...