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Patients are waiting for cures.

We’re making the research investments.

We need to move the discoveries forward faster. 

Leaders in Arizona are working together to raise a Two Hundred Million Dollar Endowment and a Fifty Million Dollar Current Use Fund that will  support the creation of Arizona companies that will deliver lifesaving and life changing innovations today and in the future.

Since 1997, over Nineteen Billion Dollars has been invested in building Arizona’s life science and healthcare sector.   We’ve built hospitals, research  institutes, universities and some great companies.  We are also exporting some of our best new ideas and our talent instead of benefiting from them here

The  Funding Paradox:                                     

You need talent to attract funding.

You need funding to attract talent.

We have life science talent in Arizona. 

Yet, we lack the financial  capacity to employ them.

We have life science discoveries with the potential to become life changing innovations.
And, they develop slowly due to lack of the funding needed for commercialization or leave the state to follow the money.

We can solve this problem.
And, you can be part of the solution.

Achieving our $200M  goal for the AZAdvances Legacy Endowment™ will yield the following benefits:

  • $10M or more annually for early stage funding and support across our Arizona Life Science Ecosystem in perpetuity
  • More life science companies being founded, attracted, and grown in Arizona
  • Faster job growth across our life science sector
  • More jobs for the great students graduating from our universities
  • More cures and life changing innovations
  • A better life for Arizonans today and for generations to come.

Donations to the AZAdvances Today™ current use fund jump start the process.