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Making an Impact with TRIF

 For 20 years, every person who pays sales tax in Arizona has been investing in life saving and life changing research efforts and may not even know it. The Technology and Research Initiative Fund or TRIF for short was created in 2000 as part of Prop. 301 which added six tenths of 1 percent to the state sales tax to fund K-12 education, workforce development and a small fraction for research at our three state universities.

Those fractions added up. Thanks to TRIF, Arizona’s universities are home to world class researchers who work to explore new ways to keep us healthy and help us when we are sick. AND – during the COVID-19 pandemic, have answered the call to help us all by expanding our testing capacity, providing important health data, and more.

Twenty years of TRIF supported research has helped to build up Arizona’s research infrastructure and our talent base.  TRIF researchers explore big questions that impact our daily lives. 

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According to a study by the Milken Institute, commissioned by the Flinn Foundation“the continued existence of this fund, and the commitment to research and technology it represents,  is an essential component of Arizona’s innovation economy.”

Get to Know the People Behind the Research

Faces of TRIF is a website that dives deep into the impact that TRIF researchers are making in our state today and for generations to come.

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