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AZAdvances is the next BIG thing.

AZAdvances founder, Joan Koerber-Walker, chats with Susan Casper on ABC15’s Sonoran Living and shares why AZAdvances is the next big thing that will advance health innovation in Arizona. 


AZAdvances is an initiative created with support from AZBio to advance health innovation in Arizona within the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation (OTEF).

AZAdvances programs focus on

  • supporting the advancement of Arizona discoveries into development;
  • commercialization path ways so discoveries can become treatments and cures;
  • providing students with opportunities for connections, internships, and scholarships so that they can explore careers in this exciting field and we can create a long-term talent base in Arizona.

AZAdvances leverages the experience and expertise of leading organizations, decades of data, and a 3-year best practices study. The creation of AZAdvances by OTEF and  AZBio is thanks to support from a grant from the  U.S. Economic Development Administration, an agency in the United States Department of Commerce and a growing community of AZAdvances supporters.

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